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Thursday, July 24, 2014


Black men often are dead last in everything. Why? Because they don’t make themselves a priority. And because they often put the needs of others above their own they don’t achieve their goals.

The main reason Most Black men over the last 40 years don’t put themselves first and make their goals in life a priority is because they were raised by single mothers. And one of the things many Black men who grow up in single mother households grow up learning is to put the Black woman first. To please her. That if she’s happy he’ll be happy.

It’s one of the biggest lies they were ever told.

Many brothers put women first out of a sense of guilt after hearing the horror stories from their single mothers That because the “man who did her wrong” and put his needs above everyone elses’ it made her life and theirs go nowhere. So these boys grow up striving to not be like their fathers. They grow up believing that if they put themselves first, they’ll be just as selfish as their fathers were.

However, it’s not selfish for a man to put himself first. A man who puts himself first shows he has a healthy self-esteem and self confidence. Putting yourself first does not mean a man doesn’t care about others. It means he cares about himself enough to take care of his own needs so he can take care of the needs of others such as his family.

What is putting yourself first Black man? Taking care of yourself. Keeping yourself clean. Keeping yourself healthy. Working out. Paying your bills. Buying the things you need to take care of yourself. Pursuing your hobbies and interests. Making time for yourself and the things you want to do, and making sure you do accomplish whatever you set out to do in life.

A man putting himself first is also requires him to set boundaries and establish standards for how he will be treated by others. Men who put themselves first establish rules for how they will be treated and what behavior they’ll accept from the people in their lives from DAY ONE. And if people cross those imaginary lines in the sand THEY ARE GONE. PERMANENTLY.

Too many brothers let women and nonblack on their jobs guilt and shame them into minimizing the importance of their goals, and making themselves into the second most important person in their lives.

Seriously, Black man WHO are you living for? WHO are you working for? WHO are you having a relationship for? That’s right YOU. And YOUR needs and the goals you aspire to achieve should be more important than any job or woman in your life.

Remember, Black man, you have a value. And if you don’t show people why YOU are valuable they’ll use you to get their needs met and their goals accomplished. Then they’ll leave you in the dust as they move forward in their lives.

In order for a man to lead others, he has to be first. And the man who puts himself first shows others his goals and needs are a priority. And because others see him putting his goals and needs FIRST they support whatever mission he’s pursuing.

People follow leaders. And no one follows the Black man because he is too scared to put himself FIRST.

Most Black men hide behind women. They hide behind their job. They hide behind their children. They hide behind their mother. And because they hide behind people, no one sees him, no one recognizes what’s great about them. To the world, the Black man is just there. Invisible insignificant and forgotten.

If a man does not show the world he cares about himself enough to put himself FIRST he can’t get others to care about his goals. To care about his program. To respect him and value him as a MAN.

Too many Black men grow up learning how to please women and put them first. And when they have a mindset of pleasing the woman and making her needs a priority above their own, they become followers, not leaders.

This is why most Black women do not respect Black men today. Most Black men, especially the ones who grew up in single mother homes don’t see how their dysfunctional way of thinking is keeping them from achieving any success in life.

Men who put women first chase women and beg them to have relationships with them. They beg for sex. They beg managers for jobs and beg even more for promotions. They beg for friends. They sacrifice their personal power and intangibles of manhood.

And as they sacrifice their personal power and personal intangibles of manhood, these Black men settle for less and get scraps from the table of life as they wait for what’s left over after everyone else gets what they want from the table. People tolerate these men, pity these men, but they never respect them. Sadly, These men go to their graves never understanding that the reason why they get second best out of life is because they put themselves and their needs last and the needs of others first.

Black man, it’s time to put yourself first. God gave you one life. And He didn’t give it to you to be the Pullman Porter of the world cleaning up the messes of Black women, White men, and the rest of the world. He has a purpose for you in this world and a work for you to do. But in order for you to do that you have to put yourself FIRST. If you don’t see yourself as valuable no one else will. Go for yours and get what you want out of life.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Thoughts on Eric Garner

This weekend Eric Garner, an unarmed  Black man was killed by police officers using an illegal choke hold. And the response from the Black community was the same since, Oscar Grant, Sean Bell, Patrick Dorismond and Amadou Diallio and countless other brothers who were killed by the police: Call up Reverend Al Sharpton the pimp pastors of their communities and go march and protest.

And while the activists and Pimp pastors make the evening news and all the political TV shows making their glib speeches and soundbites, the Black masses go back home to continue being oppressed by the same racist and White Supremacist political polices.

Unfortunately, in the aftermath of all the protesting, rallying by Black people, we get the usual result: Officers get indicted, but a jury always acquits the police officers. And after the verdict, Black people get outraged for a moment and then go back to doing the usual amount of nothing they did before.

Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing and expecting a different result. And protesting, marching and rallying hasn’t worked in over 40 years to stop police brutality in the Black communities across this country.

It’s insane to continue doing the same things and expecting change. But this is how Black folks have been conditioned to think since the Civil Rights movement.

I believe it’s time for Black people to move on from that era. The 21st Century requires a different strategy to ensure further social change in the Black community. 

Black folks need to understand when something doesn’t work, then it’s time to try something else. Black folks been marching and protesting police brutality for over 40 years. And for all the marching, protesting and rallying, all Black folks got were sore throats and tired feet. Not a single cop has ever been convicted using this approach.

Black folks need to understand America is a business. It’s a consumer based economy. And two-thirds of the money in the United States is spent on consumer goods and services. The only way to get the attention of White and nonblack businesspeople in those businesses is to show them the power of Black dollars. It’s time to show big business in America where $3.3 tillion dollars of their profits come from and who 14 million of their consumers are.

White and nonblack People treat Black people badly because Black people don’t value themselves. They take Black people for granted because they know how easily distracted and how noncommittal Black folks are when it comes to matters of politics. Black folks will get outraged for a day, but won’t dedicate themselves to taking serious ACTION to rectify a problem tomorrow.

Unlike the Civil Rights generation, today’s Black people don’t have the discipline or resolve to boycott American businesses across this country to make a political statement about police brutality. To say to businesses across the country “I don’t feel safe due to police brutality and racial profiling. And if it’s not safe for me to go out, then it’s not safe for me to shop. And if it’s not safe for me to go out, then I don’t feel safe enough to participate in the American Economy. And until policies regarding Police brutality are changed, and these officers are terminated, we will not go shopping, or participate in the nonblack parts of the American economy.”

That kind of statement would put people all over the world on notice. Especially if Black folks backed it up with serious action. It would lead to CEOs putting pressure on the Police departments all across this country. When they saw where their money was coming from, heads would roll because their flow of $3.3. Trillion dollars in cash and credit would be threatened.

Most Black people don’t understand the economic paradigm in America’s consumer based economy. Businesses sell goods and services that get taxed. Tax dollars pay for police officer salaries. Businesses need police officers to protect their business and pay their taxes. And if businesses can’t get money from customers for profits and to pay the municipalities taxes, the entire paradigm fails.

Unfortunately, most Black folk don’t think this deeply or critically. When the new Air Jordans come out for Back-to-school, Most of the Black folks will forget about this latest Black man killed by the police and go back to camping outside sneaker stores at 2AM to get them. Some will even say forget that n*gger.

Because social currency is more valuable to Black people than their own human rights.

Economic power is what gets a people political power. Businesses follow the money. And when they see where their money comes from, Businesses put pressure on politicians. And that’s how policy is changed and how laws are enforced. Back during the Montgomery Bus Boycott, White businesspeople who were hurting from the economic upheaval from Black folks NOT riding the bus that they forced the politicians they paid to concede and change their racist policies regarding where Black folks rode on the bus.

Back then a message was sent that was heard loud and clear by White businesspeople. You can hate the Negro, but you can’t force him or her to spend their money. For all their court orders back then, it no one could force anyone to ride a bus in a country where people had freedom to do whatever they wanted with their money. 

And Black folks also need to research what happened during the Arab oil embargo in the 1970s. When Americans saw the total disruption of their economy due to them not being able to get gas for their cars, America didn’t try to bully OPEC again.

Moreover, Black folks need to take a look at the kid gloves America handles China with. China controls two-thirds of all the factories where American goods are produced. The Chinese hold most of the debt in the United States. There’s a reason why China has “most favored nation trade status” with America No businessman in America wants to screw up the flow of money.

American business follows the money. And I believe it’s a time Black people sent another message to American businesses regarding the Black dollar. If Black people can’t have something as valuable as human rights then nonblack businesses in America shouldn’t have the right to a Black dollar.

But Black folks are too SCARED to send that message. Many of the pastors and activists depend on racism and White Supremacy for their mealticket. So they play the obsolete march n’ protest’ shuck n’ jive blame n’ shame game in the hopes of getting some crumbs from the table instead of fighting for a seat there. And by their actions theyMake a pitiful statement about how codependent and dysfunctional Blacks and Whites are on each other in America.

It’s sad to see yet another Black man killed by the hands of police. But the only way to get serious change is for Black people to change their approach to social justice. Economic power is the only way to get the political power that leads to social change. And until Black folks come to understand the concept of Group Economics, no one on earth will value Black life in America.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

How Thugs Acting White While Keeping it Real

Black folks believe “Acting White” is aspiring to read, get an education, speak with good diction and dressing well. However, they never think to call the Negroes in their communities who emulate White criminals “Acting White.” Negroes who run around wearing T-shirts with images of mobsters like Al Capone, talk about La Cosa Nostra, being Dons and being Mafioso, are making an effort to emulate the behavior of White people, but these individuals are never mocked and shamed for their efforts to “Act White”.

For years rappers like Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z and countless others have run around imitating mobsters. But not a single Negro has ever said they were “Acting White”.

And countless Negroes in inner-city neighborhood have posters of Scarface and The Godfather on their walls. They can recite every single line from these movies. They dress just like the characters from these movies. But not a single Negro has ever said these Negroes were “Acting White.”

These Negroes run around talking about Mafioso and how “gangsta” they are, but not a single Black person ever challenges them on how they’ve forsaken their Black identity for a White one. Not a single Negro calls them an Uncle Tom or a Sellout.

How is this blatant attempt to copy White people acceptable to Black people, but efforts to pursue education like our ancestors such as Booker T. Washington, Ida B. Wells and Mary Mcleod Bethune did not? How did emulating Black behaviors that were part of Black culture for generations turn into a “White” thing to do?

Why are these Negroes who talk about wanting to be like White mobsters and White criminals not called Uncle Toms and sellouts? Clearly they act like sellouts. They betray their Black identity. They aspire to be like White people. If they had the chance to abandon the Black community and be with White people, they’d probably take it.

But in the Black community these Sellout Negroes are considered “Real” Black people. The kind of Negroes other Negroes want to be down with.

Many in the Black community believe it’s okay for a Black person to copy a White Mobster but not okay for a Black person to emulate the behavior of their Black ancestors. It clearly shows how backwards Black people are regarding their identity.

Black people want to be like Italian Mobsters who call them coons, darkies, and spooks. People who if a Negro came into their neighborhoods would chase them out with baseball bats. People who would call them Nigger to their face.

But those same Negroes will say Black man who reads and speaks with good diction and emulates the behavior of their ancestors such as Fredrick Douglass, Booker T. Washington and Malcolm X is “Acting White”. A Black man who participates in Group Economics and makes efforts to improve the quality of life in his community such as Marcus Garvey is a “sellout”.

Insane. Just insane.

Even more insane are the Negroes who will run around with swastika T-shirts and tattoo their arms with Nazi Symbols. Even though the late Adolf Hitler clearly stated he hated Negroes back in World War II. And if he got his way he’d exterminate the mongrel Niggers in his effort to make the earth a perfect place for his Aryan Master Race.

The Negros’ way of thinking is clearly backwards and dysfunctional. I’d say most are so used to Madison Avenue advertisers and Hollywood entertainers defining their Black identity that they’re confused. “Real” Black people want to be like White mobsters and White criminals, but Black people who aspire to follow in the footsteps of their Black ancestors are considered to be “Acting White”.

Sometimes I have to wonder if the Black community is Bizarro World. Because the logic of the Negro is absolutely backwards. Negroes walk away from their own culture so they can embrace the cultures of racists who wouldn’t piss on them.

Again, Insane. Just insane.

What’s most sad about the “Real” Black people who are truly “Acting White” is that they never come to understand they are living embodiments of what sellout truly is. While they can point at Clarence Thomas, OJ Simpson or Halle Berry as a sellout, they can never see people such as Notoious. B.I.G, Jay-Z, Tupac and Lil’ Kim as sellouts too. Nor can they see the sellout who is staring at them in the mirror every day.

It’s sad many Black people will never come to love being Black. And even sadder that they call efforts to embrace true Black culture “Acting White”. These people will never discover the what’s great about being Black. They never get to see what’s beautiful and unique about being Black. And because their whole vision of Black is distorted by a White Supremacist perception of color they never come to see what’s great about their culture. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Why No One Takes The Negro Dollar Seriously

Over the last 40 years The Negro has amassed $3.3 trillion dollars in spending power. $1.1 trillion in cash and another $2.2 trillion in credit. However, most businesses in the world do not take the Negro dollar seriously. Why?

Because the Negro does not value himself.

For all the Negros’ talk, about concepts such as Group Economics and Pro Blackness his actions say he is all for the status quo.

What the Negro does not understand is that business owners don’t listen to talk. They follow the dollars. And when they watch how the Negro spends his dollars they know they have absolutely nothing to worry about when dealing with him.

The Negro is the only person in the world who does not value his dollar. He spends with anyone and everyone who isn’t Black. In fact, he picks nonblack people to spend his money with FIRST. Most nonblack business owners are so confident they can count on a Negro dollar that they spend their business campaigns targeting Hispanic customers in inner-city areas.

To nonblack business owners Negro customers are an afterthought. Just there. Someone to take for granted.

And because the Negro does not value himself or his dollar he is regularly given the poorest quality products and even poorer quality service. Businesses believe they can give a Negro cold fast food, rotten and expired groceries, and pass off knock-off merchandise as genuine. And while he buys these poor quality products these business owners can follow him around, verbally abuse him, and scrutinize his money for its authenticity.

And the saddest part is the Negro will sit there and accept substandard as standard.

 I thought it was 2014, not 1914. But go to any Black shopping district and it’s clear that Jim Crow is still the unwritten law of the land when it comes to the Negro.

Business in America takes the Negro Dollar. But they don’t value it. Why? Because the Negro NEVER GIVES BUSINESS A REASON TO VALUE THEM.

When it comes to business, the Negro is the quietist person in the room. And his silence SPEAKS VOLUMES to Business owners.

Moreover, his lack of action speaks louder than his words. Every time he returns to a nonblack business who verbally abuse him, racially profile him and he is sending a MESSAGE to them that bad customer service is perfectly good business when it comes to the Negro.

Even after the Montgomery Bus Boycott 60 years ago, the Negro still doesn’t understand that the world runs on MONEY. And that business NEED MONEY to survive. Businesses don’t listen to protests. They don’t listen to activists’ speeches. They look at the MONEY. Where the MONEY goes they GO.

And as long as the Negro continues to take his money back to establishments that mistreat him, they have no incientive to RESPECT HIM OR VALUE HIS DOLLAR OR TAKE HIM SERIOUSLY.

Why take a customer seriously if they don’t DEMAND better? Why should a business go out of their way to cater to a customer demographic if said customer makes no EFFORT to INSIST on buying ONLY QUALITY PRODUCTS and will accept SLOP and JUNK from said merchant? And why should a business even take said customer seriously if THEY KEEP COMING BACK FOR MORE SLOP and JUNK?

The Negro doesn’t get new products from businesses because he does not value his dollar enough to watch where he SPENDS it. Businesses follow dollars. And when they see the Negro heading back to continue to buy the same old products day in and day out, they have NO INCENTIVE to give the Negro BETTER. Because the Negro does not value his dollar, no one else values it.

Sure, these nonblack people spend the Negros’ dollar. But no one CARES where it comes from. For the nonblack business owner a Negro dollar is no different than a piece of Scottissue. Something to wipe their ass with.

All because the Negro flushes his money down the toilet.

The only person who can make people value the Black dollar is the Negro. Only he doesn’t see its value because he does not value himself.

The Negro is one of the richest groups of people in the world $3.3 trillion dollars in spending power is in his hands. But he still acts like he only has a net worth of $5. The only way to show the world the true value of the Black dollar is to participate in Group Economics and spend it with Black-owned businesses. But until the Black man and the Black woman value themselves to spend it with Black people FIRST, no one else in the world will take the Negro dollar seriously. It is what it is.  

Monday, July 14, 2014

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Saturday, July 12, 2014


They’re everywhere. Standing in front of corner stores begging for change. Standing in train stations asking people to swipe them in. Standing in train stations looking to sell swipes. Standing at the bus stop looking to hitch a ride through the back door. Standing outside of fast-food restaurants asking people to buy them Chicken McNuggets or shrimp fried rice. Standing at the entrance of a Target or Wal-Mart pushing CD’s of their half-assed homemade rap acts and begging people to buy their songs.  

Who are these creatures? Dusty Negroes.

What is a Dusty Negro? A Dusty Negro is an adult Black male with no education, no prospects, and no future. He is a lazy shiftless trifilin individual who merely seeks to live off of decent working class brothers and sisters. A living breathing modern day 21st Century representation of the COON stereotype.

The Dusty Negro is easy to identify. He’s the guy with no job but carrying a $500 iPhone, a $250 pair of LeBron or Air Jordan Sneakers on, and all the latest fashions. He’s the guy who runs around in a car with the radio blasting or walking around with his shirt off walking pit bulls trying to look like a badass. In most cases He’s a grown up child with no idea on how to become a MAN because he has no father in his life or male figures in his neighborhood to show him how what MANHOOD is or how to function in life as a MAN.

Like zombies, the Dusty Negro roam the streets of inner-city neighborhoods scavenging food, money or whatever they can from hardworking people. Leeching off an existence from friends and family who have jobs, the Dusty Negro is a human parasite that spends its time wasting the time and space of others.

Usually the Dusty Negro can be found couch of a single Mother, aunt or his girlfriend playing XBOX or PlayStation all day. Or he’s in front of a relatives’ big-screen TV with the stereo pumping to the max. Or sitting in front of a computer watching porn and YouTube Videos of girls twerkin. Or he’s on Facebook making thirsty comments to women who make ass model pictures.

The Dusty Negro is an adult man stuck in a state of arrested development. Thanks to his upbringing in a single mother household and her constant enabling and excuse making he has no idea on how to navigate life in the real world as a MAN.

The Dusty Negro has no adult social skills. He has no work ethic. He has no sense of discipline, patience or self-control. Thanks to his single mother, The Dusty Negro believes that the world is supposed to revolve around him and ONLY HIM.

And whatever silly thing he wants to do he believes he’s supposed to be able to do. So if he wants to sit in front of a PlayStation console all day he can. Because Beating Madden 2014 or whatever video game they’re playing is more important than looking for a job.

While most Dusty Negroes don’t have a job, they will come out at 10 or 11 AM like clockwork and stand outside of a foreign-owned corner store or some ghetto chicken or pizza place. And while they stand there for hours loitering, exchanging stories, and stealing looks at females who pass by, they’ll beg for change from customers. They’ll say they want money to buy water, a sandwich or a slice of pizza.

But what they really want to buy are Black & Mild cigars, vanilla cigars or strawberry cigars. Then they’ll head over to the neighborhood weed man for nickel bag. And after they buy their nickel bag, they head back into their mama’s house or a staircase to smoke up and get high while they play more video games.

If the inside of your apartment or your house smells like Lysol of Febreeze chances are the Dusty Negro who is living with you has been smoking up and getting high.

Or he’s been sexing up local chicken heads. Febreeze also does a great job of covering up the scent of pussy.

To call the Dusty Negro a bum would be an offense to bums. To call him a loser would be an insult to losers. A person who falls on hard times usually makes an effort to get up off their ass and DO SOMETHING FOR THEMSELVES.

But the Dusty Negro believes he is ABOVE WORK. He feels he is ENTITLED to his existence. He believes people are supposed to GIVE him whatever he wants WHENEVER he wants it. He has no GUILT. He has NO SHAME. He has no DIGNITY or SELF RESPECT. He will stand there in his designer clothes his $200 Air Jordan sneakers with his $500 iPhone in his pocket and his $200 beats headphones around his neck and believe he has a RIGHT to ask you for a quarter or a dollar.

Seriously, what kind of MAN dressed up in the latest with an expensive Phone goes up to someone and ASKS them to buy them Chicken McNuggets? And what kind of MAN stands outside a store all day begging for change to buy a cigar and a bag of weed? And what kind of GROWN MAN over the age of 25 spends all his time playing video games?

A spoiled Bitch-Made™ manchild. Someone who needs to get their ass kicked by life. 

What can we do to fight the invasion of the DUSTY NEGROES? Do what his single mother and all the women in his life won’t do: SAY NO TO THEM. When Dusty Negroes ask for change, don’t give it to them. When they ask for you to swipe them onto the train, pass them by. When they stand outside a train station selling swipes, don’t buy them.

And you single moms can stop buying these shiftless N*ggers video games, designer clothes and all the other assorted crap you get them to pamper and spoil them. Stop letting them live off you. Insist that if they are going to stay in your home they go out and get a job and contribute to the bills. If we all stop enabling these baby boys and making excuses for them, maybe they’ll start growing up to become MEN.

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Unwritten Rules For Shopping in the Black Community

Every Black shopping district has these foreign owned jeans and sneaker stores, these foreign-owned supermarkets, and these jewelry and 99 cent store places. And the protocol for shopping in these stores usually consists of the following rules:

All Bags must be checked at the door. Because the owners of these businesses believe every Black person steals.

If your packages are lost the store is only responsible for $15. After insisting Blacks check their bags at the door, the employee who is supposed to be watching your packages will leave their station to do other work in the store. And if your packages that may contain a laptop or an expensive smartphone get lost or stolen under their care…Oh well, They’re only responsible for $15.

You will be followed around by salespeople. Again, because Black people steal. In these kinds of establishments salespeople here don’t sell merchandise. Hell, most of them don’t even know much about the merchandise. They’re glorified security out to make sure your Black ass doesn’t steal anything.

All the expensive stuff will be locked up.  Any expensive or popular merchandise will be locked up in a glass case and you’ll have to ask a clerk to get it for you. Or it’ll be placed in a section of the store with iron bars (Saw this with Tommy Hilfiger Shirts back in the 1996 at a Dr. Jays on Third Avenue in the Bronx) Again, because Negroes steal, the expensive stuff has to be locked up in a super secure area to keep them from shoplifting. 

If you order fast food, there will be bulletproof Glass and a revolving door.  Some grocery stores and Fast food restaurants like KFC and White Castle are so afraid of your Black ass sticking them up they use bulletproof glass to partition the counter from the dining area. And in these establishments you place your order, pay, and then after they fill your order, they give you your merchandise in a revolving door of bulletproof glass. Again, that’s to keep your Black ass from sticking them up. Because the Negro is a savage.

Your money will be scrutinized for its authenticity. If you spend anything higher than a $5 bill in one of these establishments, cashiers will hold it high in the air to make sure it’s an authentic $5, 10 or $20 bill. Because most of these jivetime Negroes think they’re so smart they can pass funny money of as real.

If you present a $50 or $100 bill you will be asked where you got it from, especially if you are a Black man. In the eyes of these store owners Negroes can’t make over $100 unless they’re selling drugs or participating in some sort of illegal activity.

If you want to use a credit card, you must present photo ID. Because Negroes don’t have good credit. And if they own a credit card it must be stolen from some good White person.

If you want a refund, you can’t get one. In these kinds of stores there is no such thing as a cash refund even with a receipt and photo ID. Once you buy something here, you own it.

If you want an exchange you can’t get one. If something doesn’t fit or someone doesn’t like it, you can’t exchange the item. Again, all sales are final for Negroes even though there are signs throughout the store saying there’s a return policy with a receipt. 

If a product is defective, you can’t get a refund. In these establishments there is no such thing as a refund. If you bring back a defective item even with a receipt, some of these store owners will even question if you bought the item there, even though they sold it to you.

In a White or middle-class neighborhood, businesses with these kinds of racist and illegal business practices would be met with resistance. Peoplewould just not shop there.

Unfortunately In the face of all this mistreatment the Negro does not take any action to stand against these foreign owned businesses and the everyday racial profiling that goes on there. He just sits there and accepts this abuse.

Why? Because he has to have the latest Air Jordans before all the dudes on the block get them. Because social currency with his friends is more valuable to him than his own dignity.

Shopping in an inner-city shopping district is a frustrating hassle due to foreign owned stores such as these. When I was a kid I’ve gone on many a shopping trip where we had to visit these kinds of stores FIRST to avoid the bag checks. And me and my family members had to watch how we walked and what we touched to let everyone know we weren’t stealing anything.

The way these businesses treat Black people is reprehensible and the way they exploit young brothers and sisters to get their cash is egregious. These businesses want Black dollars but don’t want to value Black people enough to treat them with respect when they shop there.

But because no one teaches the Negro about their personal intangibles such as dignity and self-respect when they are young, they camp outside at these same stores to buy $200 sneakers from a business owner that wouldn’t give them a job making $10 an hour to work there.

Because, again, Negroes steal. So that business owner won’t have him work where he shops. And even sadder, the Negro never comes to understand that he or she is more valuable than all the merchandise in that foreigners’ store. 

When I was a kid I grew up believing many of these unethical and illegal practices were just how things were supposed to be. That this was shopping in the ghetto. I had to settle for less.

But as I got older I learned that’s not what shopping is supposed to be about. That I deserved better. It was my money, and the merchant had to EARN IT. I did not have to accept substandard as the standard for being a Black customer.

In business the customer is ALWAYS RIGHT. And the customer has the RIGHT to NOT SPEND THEIR DOLLARS from businesses that do not RESPECT THEM.

50 years after the Civil Rights movement, most Black folks don’t understand IT’S YOUR MONEY. MAKE WHOEVER WANTS YOUR MONEY WORK FOR IT.

Black folks don’t understand the power of their dollars. Which is why foreign-owned businesses like this thrive in our communities for decades. And while these institutions disrespect us, insult us, and racially profile us when we shop at these establishments, Black folks get the poorest quality products and even poorer customer service from surly and rude employees who act like they can’t be bothered with taking the money that pays their salaries. It’s time Black people started showing these business owners the value of the Black dollar.

Brothers and sisters you don’t need Jesse, Al Sharpton or any Civil Rights group to protest the business policies of these stores. Just don’t shop there.

Better yet, shop at Black-owned businesses in your community. Black Group Economics is how we put racist businesses like this out of business in the Black community.

I haven’t shopped at a foreign-owned jeans and sneaker store in places like Fordham Road or Third Avenue here in the Bronx since 1997. And I make it my BUSINESS to AVOID any store with a bag check policy, or a dysfunctional return policy that makes me jump through hoops just to return something. I understand it’s my money, and the business owners have to WORK to EARN it. If enough brothers and sisters understood this valuable life principle, business in the Black community would get it together and start doing business on the Black customers’ terms.