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Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Isis/E’steem Crossover is now available on Kindle Unlimited and Paperback!

The long awaited Isis/E’steem Crossover is HERE! Featuring a pair of AWESOME covers by Hero Busine$$ artist Bill Walko, this unique cross-over features the goddess next door and the devilish diva in a pair of action packed fantasy adventures!

Vampires! When E’steem is given a project that takes her out of the office, Isis fills in for her on the job at the Morris Phillips. While she’s escorting CEO John Haynes to a charity event the demon D’lilah and a brood of disgruntled Vampires crash the party looking to take a meeting with him. Can the goddess next door help her boss take care of business dealing with the undead?

Bad Girl Gone Good! Good Girl goes undercover! When E’steem and John find stolen boxes of Marshmallow cookies in a Bronx Bodega, she goes undercover at the Nabiskit factory in Philadelphia to find the employee responsible for the thefts. Can the Devilish Diva stop the cookie crook and put an end to their confectionary caper?

I want to take a moment to thank Bill Walko for designing the AWESOME covers for both paperbacks. Both look AMAZING and I absolutely LOVE them!

And I want to take another moment to thank all the Kickstarter donors again for making this project possible! If you paid for a Reward you will be getting your paperbacks in June. All the donors will be a mentioned on the inside of the Acknowledgements section of both paperbacks and the eBook. Without your support I wouldn’t have been able to get this project off the ground!

Both Isis: Night of the Vampires and E’steem: Undercover will be FREE Memorial Day Weekend on Kindle! And if you have Kindle Unlimited after that, you can BORROW both books for FREE!

And if you don’t have Kindle Unlimited, you can buy both books for just 99 cents on your kindle and $10 in paperback! Get your copy of the paperback and eBook starting this Friday!

And in other SJS DIRECT news:

Lawrence Cherry has informed me that the long awaited sequel to Commencement will be coming this June! So everyone will finally find out what happened to Tim! 

Friday, May 15, 2015

STOP SIMPIN Second Edition Now on Smashwords, Kindle

The Summer reading season starts at SJS DIRECT this weekend! And it launches with the much anticipated second edition of Stop Simipin.

This edition is bigger longer and goes more in depth explaining about What a Simp is, and how the Simp life paradigm is a complete failure for every man who applies it.

Because I want men to learn what they need to improve their lives and take themselves to the next level I’m offering up the n Second Edition of Stop Simpin FREE on Smashwords. However, if you go to Kindle, it’s going to cost $2.99 But what’s $2.99 when you can learn things that will change your life.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Friend of a Friend: Why American Business is FUBAR

How do people get jobs these days? Friend of a friend. And that’s a bad thing.

In today’s job market managers and business owners see a friend of a friend as an instant reference and a reliable professional person they think they can trust on the job. Unfortunately, most managers and business owners just don’t understand how having friends in the workplace can be detrimental to their business long-term.

While having a friend of a fiend working on the job can help make for an amicable work environment for insiders, it can be stressful and downright frustrating for those working in the business outside of the inner circle. People who work in the office can become demoralized when they see a manager and their friends getting too social on the job. From their vantage point, they don’t see themselves as being valued by management or feel that their ideas will be valued when they contribute them in a professional setting. And because they feel like they don’t belong in the organization they lose their passion in the workplace.

When people see friends of friends on the job getting too chummy it often leads to absenteeism, turnover and job dissatisfaction from those outside of the social circle. These issues can slow down a businesses’ productivity and even put a business at risk of going out of business.

When it comes to having a friend of a friend on the job, it not only sucks the life out of a workplace by destroying worker morale, but it also destroys productivity as well. Friends of friends oftentimes abuse work rules and use the close ties of their personal relationship with a manager to abuse their professional relationship. The friend of a friend who takes off at odd hours, shows up late, or is rude to customers can be doing damage to a business’ reputation. However, because a manager has a overly close personal relationship with that friend they won’t hold them accountable for their unprofessional behavior on the job.

Instead of holding that person accountable on the job and insisting they pull their own weight like everyone else, many friends of friends on the job will try to pick up the slack for a friend. Fixing their reports. Cleaning up their memos. Making all sorts of excuses for them when they aren’t where they’re supposed to be.

Worse, they demanding that other workers who are outside of the social circle continue to pick up their slack as well. And when they do that they insist that their co-workers meet one standard while not insisting their underperforming friends meet another. This double standard can not only demoralize a team, but it can also slow down productivity to a crawl if this friend of a friend is placed in an essential position.

The biggest problem with hiring friends of friends has to do with supervision. Plain and simple, friends just can’t supervise friends. Whenever there are workplace issues friends of friends often put halos around those they are too close to. And because they are emotionally attached to that person they can’t see their actions from an objective perspective. An employee can be participating in all sorts of unprofessional behavior and that supervisor or business owner will just give it a pass.

And that employee will feel entitled to that pass. After, all they are friends outside the office. And the perks should also be inside the office as well. In a dysfunctional workplace where a boss or business owner does not set boundaries for professional conduct is often expected to look the other way at crimes like embezzlement, fraud and even sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Giving this kind of behavior a pass can put a business at risk for civil lawsuits and criminal prosecution. It can be a disaster that puts a business right out of business.

In many cases that manager who hired the friend of a friend who gets that pass for unprofessional behavior will transfer all the anger the have at their friend onto employees outside of the social circle. And while they take the blame for all the dysfunctional friend of a friend’s screw-ups those workers become frustrated and angry. And when they leave the business suffers because oftentimes a talented person is gone and the business winds up losing because the only person remaining in the workplace is the same unprofessional individual who was making a mess from day one.

On the job a supervisor or a business owner needs to remain objective. And that’s something they can’t do with friends working in the workplace. A leader has to establish a professional standard for ALL their employees.

In a workplace there has to be a consistent standard for everyone to follow. Every man and woman has to be made to pull their weight. Every man and woman must be held accountable for their actions.

 The same standard the boss establishes for themselves must be the standard they expect all the workers to follow. Again, as the leader the owner and the managers set the tone for the workplace. In order for everyone to be on the same page, everyone must be made to follow the same set of rules.

In business there are no friends. Yes, people can be cordial. Yes, they can be kind. Yes they can be connected to each other. But there has to be a clear line of demarcation between professional and personal behavior in the workplace. The boss who sets the boundary from day one will have a workplace that remains productive no matter who sets foot into the workplace.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Good News! The Isis/E’steem Kickstarter has been funded!

Great news! The Isis/E’steem Crossover Kickstarter has been funded! And now Isis: Night of the Vampires and E’steem: Undercover will feature professional covers! I’m so excited!

I’ve been talking to Bill Walko from The Hero Busine$$ and we’re on schedule to get both covers ready for a Memorial Day Weekend release. He’s a big Buffy fan and I have a great concept planned for Night of the Vampires in that style and a fun one for E’steem: Undercover.

Bill did the cover for Isis: Wrath of the Cybergoddess last year. And If you’ve bought Arizona’s Shaq-Fu Punch, you’ve seen Bill’s artwork on the label. I really love Bill’s art and I’m eager to see what story he tells with Isis and E’steem in pictures this time.

The donors of the Kickstarter who donated over $100 will be getting ALL of the Isis series books and Isis: Night of the Vampires and E’steem: Undercover.

All the donors to the Kickstarter will be featured in the Acknowledgements section of Isis: Night of the Vampires and E’steem: Undercover.

And instead of the original of the first Isis book, I’ll be giving the donors to the Kickstarter a Special Edition of the first Isis. This edition is based on the eBook version of Isis released in 2011. That edition has an extra chapter that was not in the original paperback version of Isis and has been edited to fix grammar and spelling issues that I missed when I published the original 2002 version. I wanted readers to have the best reading experience and I decided to give them the best edition of the book.

I’m trying to get Isis: Night of the Vampires and E’steem Undercover will ready for launch on Memorial Day Weekend. Both books will be a part of Kindle Unlimited on Memorial Day Weekend. So if you have Amazon Prime you’ll be able to borrow them for FREE.  

Both books will be in Paperback around that time as well.

I’m hoping to get the rewards out as soon as I get the covers uploaded and the books approved by CreateSpace. There will be a video up when I unbox them, and after that they’ll be shipped.