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Friday, June 13, 2014

The Halle Berry Baby Mama Drama...Part Umpteen…Send in the Feminists!

There’s a big hubbub about Halle Berry having to pay child support to her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry. Feminists complaining that it’s not fair that Halle has to pay Gabriel $16,000 a month in child support.

I don’t see what the big deal is. The system works in this case.

Child Support is based on the income of the parents. The one who makes more usually has to pay to make up the difference of the spouse who makes less to maintain the child’s lifestyle. Since Halle makes MORE than Gabriel Aubry, she legally has an obligation to pay MORE child support to maintain Nahla’s lifestyle.

Then there are those feminists who would complain about it not being right for a man to take money from a woman.

Er…Aren’t the courts supposed to be gender neutral? And aren’t judges supposed to follow the law? The law clearly states that the spouse who makes more than the other has to pay child support to maintain the child’s lifestyle.

Child support laws don’t say anything about men or women. Nor do they say anything about it being wrong for a man to take money from his wife to take care of his children when they come to visit him.

And then there are those Black feminists who want to make this a race issue. It’s not. Let’s take a look at Britney Spears who is in a similar situation. Her ex-husband Kevin Federline has custody of the kids. Britney Spears has been paying Child support in the six and seven figure range for YEARS.

But I find it odd no one wants to complain about Britney. Or the system being unfair in her case.

I just love all these DOUBLE STANDARDS here. It’s okay for a man to pay a woman child support when he makes MORE, but when the woman makes MORE and has to pay a MAN chid support, the system is unfair.

Ironic how SEXIST feminists can be when the system is made TRULY FAIR and JUST.

Gabriel Aubry is not a MAN for wanting to make sure his daughter is NOT taken care of. Doesn’t a responsible FATHER want the money to maintain his daughter’s lifestyle when he visits her? Doesn’t it show that he CARES enough to provide her with the equal economic resources at his home that she has with her mother?

Ironic how Feminists want to hate him for doing exactly what a MAN would do.
Here’s the deal: Halle Berry is not a VICTIM. She created this dysfunctional situation.

There are numerous reports stating Halle Berry wanted a baby BEFORE she got involved with Gabriel Aubry. And she wanted a baby on HER TERMS. Unfortunately, Gabriel decided her terms weren’t working out for him. Now Mr. Aubry tried to work things out with Ms. Berry amicably outside of the courts. However, because she was being a BULLY, he was FORCED to take legal action.

With the courts being about the LAW, the judge made his child support order based on the FACTS presented to them.

Those facts are that Halle Maria Berry makes more than Gabriel Aubry. In this case SHE has to pay child support.

Now she wouldn’t have to pay child support if she didn’t decide to have a child with Mr. Aubry. Again, she set these terms up BEFORE she got involved with Mr. Aubry. And this is why she has to pay child support.

To rephrase Judge Judith Sheindlin: SHE PICKED HIM to father her child.

Seriously, If Halle Berry is a victim of an unjust court system, then Britney Spears is a victim of an unjust court system. Now I know AmeriKKKa’s court system isn’t fair in most cases like Trayvon Martin, but in this case the judge followed the law to the letter. Halle Berry can’t claim she’s being victimized by the court system when she created the situation that is leading to her having to pay child support. She wanted to be the MAN in the relationship and now she’s getting treated like one. It is what it is.